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The Cru delivers life-changing value for women and impact-driven results for teams.

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We ask women: what are your intentions?

Launch my business

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“After I joined The Cru, I launched my dream company - a tech-enabled concierge service for moms. Two of my Cru members became my co-founders!”

Joyce Cadesca


Make a career change

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“When I joined The Cru I was beyond burned out in a really toxic job. I’m now in a new executive role that I love.”

Rhonda Allen

Expand my network

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“The seeds I have planted in this community have flourished beyond what I could have ever imagined. With fellow Cru members, I was able to source several new partners for my nonprofit, Photo Start.”

Abigail Lehman

Practice more self-care

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“Making self-care a priority is not as easy for me as one might think, but with dedication and accountability from my Cru I was able to workout more than 250 days of the year, am up to date with all health checks, and have been working on getting more sleep”

Rahcyne Omatete

Chart a path to financial freedom

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“I’m on track to be debt free by the end of this year. It’s been good to have a group of women who I can discuss money with from a judgment-free perspective.”


Nurture personal relationships

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“I set the intention of being a better partner to my husband, since our relationship is the foundation upon which everything else rests - our home, our family, and our business. This is a lifelong goal, but The Cru helped me realize this intention and take tangible steps toward it”

Sara Cantor Aye

Figure out my intentions

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“My sessions with Certified Cru Coach Heather Irish have taught me to demand less, and celebrate more. Demand less personal productivity, and celebrate more the successes that got me to this day and this place in life…and celebrate more the range of emotions that make me a complex human."


Learn more about myself

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“The Cru helped me gain the confidence to share my voice. I launched a personal website to manifest my purpose of creating awareness and understanding of inclusion.”

Christine Ramsey

What we do


Women share their ambitions.

We ensure they stay committed to them.

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See what accountability looks like with real members at The Cru.

Our mission

We help women realize their life intentions by matching them in an accountability circle of diverse, like-minded colleagues based on demographics and level, while being mindful to avoid reporting conflicts.

Benefits for women

Get matched

in a diverse circle of 8 women that hold each other accountable with regular communication and structured monthly virtual gatherings

Track and measure your intentions

on our digital platform with tools and workshops to help manage and stay on top of your goals and timelines

Access our directory

where you can message and connect with thousands of members and create connections, publicly or privately

Join a cohort

of members who share the same identity or intentions as yourself to get feedback and share knowledge on what’s working for them

Participate in exclusive events

hosted by thought leaders from a variety industries and backgrounds on subjects designed to advance your intentions


get an invitation to The Cru Summit, an annual in person beach retreat, as well as access to a certified coach to help you establish your intentions (note: both of these are at an additional cost)

How it works for employers

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We co-create a launch event to generate interest and excitement with your women employees

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You select participating employees, and we handle onboarding and orientation

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We support you and your team as Crus begin meeting, and they begin tracking and achieving their life’s intentions

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We report your team’s engagement and provide aggregated insights about what is driving them